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I launched Tactile with a mission to change the ratio in business. A lofty goal? Yes. A Necessary one? Definitely.

Before I launched Tactile, I spent close to a decade in brand marketing and communications across media, tech, and the arts. I was the VP of Marketing & Communications for The New Republic, led brand marketing for the Guardian and NewsCred, and ran an artist program for AOL. 

A few years ago, as I grew in my career, I became determined to create safe spaces for other women in the workplace through intimate events – building power through community. The events were cathartic – a space to conceptualize solutions and feel solidarity. But the more conversations we had, the more I realized that the biggest impact I could make was by building a company that could change the ratio within the startup ecosystem and put more women in places of power. 

Leadership positions and boardrooms are dominated by cis white men (according to the New York Times, women and minorities occupy nearly 31 percent of the board seats of Fortune 500 companies – the highest in years) This means that women and people of color are missing from the table when key decisions are made. A lack of diversity in the decision making process impacts the products that get made, the workplace policies that are prioritized, and the campaigns that are launched (hello tone deaf Pepsi and Dove ad campaigns.) It also means that power dynamics in the workplace become a scary cesspool of sexual harassment.

If we prioritize diversity at the top and support more ventures led by women and people of color, if we see more women leading fundraising rounds, we will see a massive shift across the board. We will see workplace power dynamics shift, we will see new products that address the needs of people who are marginalized, and we will see less accounts of sexual harassment.

Tactile works with women-led companies on brand strategy, marketing, and PR. We have an early-stage program so that we can support women in the earliest stages of entrepreneurship with cost accessible resources. We also host weekly free webinar and office hours so that we can continue to support the growth of companies with women and people of color at the top. This is just the beginning, and we have big plans for how we can create more impact in the future. 


We're a collective of ambitious women building ambitious brands.


Meet our team.


Erika Velazquez Alpern, CEO & Founder

Erika is the point-of-contact for all of our clients. Think of her as your interim head of marketing and communications. Prior to launching Tactile, Erika was the VP of Marketing & Communications for the New Republic where she built the magazine's first marketing & communications department and helped the organization reach a wider, younger, more diverse audience. While at The New Republic, she launched creative campaigns for brands like Casper, SquareSpace, Center for American Progress, and more. Prior to joining The New Republic, she led brand marketing for the Guardian and NewsCred. Before that, she led an artist program for AOL – leading partnerships and campaigns with New Museum, Northside Media, Tumblr, The Whitney – AND served as their brand manager across their media properties (yay two jobs in one!) working on brands like MAKERS, Huffpost, TechCrunch, StyleList, and more. 


Jen Rudy, Director

Jen leads content production and project management for Tactile, helping clients get their story into the world. She started her creative career as a photographer (pre-Instagram) and fell into the world of production, working behind the scenes of commercial shoots and campaigns for brands like Nike and Mastercard. After that, she went on to spend a large chunk of her career in media, working at Time Inc., across their magazines. When she is not working on Tactile, you can find her in a greenhouse taking photos or making DIY beauty products in her kitchen.