Created in support of you

We’re on a mission to support women at all stages in entrepreneurship and in their careers. Therefore, we created three different opportunities for early-stage founders and solo entrepreneurs to work with Tactile. It's kind of like a creative agency meets 1:1 coaching. 

Sessions: A retainer for early-stage startup founders.

Two times a month, you will meet with our CEO & Founder Erika Velazquez Alpern for a 1-hour session. In these sessions, you will focus on brand strategy, marketing, PR, or all three. We will brainstorm and execute on these calls, and you will always walk away with a clear plan between each of our discussions. Additionally, members of Tactile's creative team will join-in to review, strategize, and plan.

Strategy Workshops: A day to think big and put it into action.

Sometimes you just need to carve out time to think big, set goals, and craft an actionable strategy. These workshops are dedicated to fleshing out an actionable plan or honing on a specific need. The strategy session will be hosted by our CEO & Founder, Erika Velazquez Alpern, along with a member of the team depending on the focus. For example, a branding session would include our Director of Design, Amanda Rios. 

Group Workshops: An intimate group of women bulldozing challenges. 

Every month, Tactile brings together an intimate group of women. Each month has a key focus and each attendee has dedicated time to work through their project/questions/challenge. These workshops are ideal for any women interested in the specific topic who are excited by the idea of collaborating with other awesome women, helping them through challenges, and learning from their expertise. Attendees range from women running a side hustle, to women running large scale businesses. It's fun.