Join our next group intensive, focused on building a brand strategy – whether for your company or your personal brand. This intensive is focused on everything from building a strong brand strategy, defining a visual identity, understanding your audience, crafting a distinct voice, and making in happen. You will join an intimate cohort of powerhouse women who are coming together to strategize towards the same goal. This program lasts  weeks and kicks-off on Wednesday, November 15th at 12:00pm ET. We are doing this intensive at lunch time on the east coast, and during the AM for the west coast. 

At the beginning of the intensive, everyone will introduce their brand and we will work through getting to the heart of your Brand Why. From there, each session will focus on strategic direction, execution, and supporting each other. Each member will walk away with a clear understanding of brand strategy, have time to work through their needs and goals, and join a rad community!

Topics will include: Defining brand purpose and building a brand promise / Developing a deep understanding of your target audience / Crafting brand principles based on your brand purpose / Building a brand vibe (your voice) / Designing a visual identity that is rooted in strategy / Maintaining brand consistency but leaving room for creativity

What you get:

Four weekly group strategy calls (90 min of strategy and education on November 15th, November 29th, December 6th, December 13th)

A private Slack Channel for ongoing support throughout the intensive (which will stay open, forever!)

Our full 'How to Build a Brand' guide and workbook


Interested in joining? Click the button below to apply! Have questions? Email us!