Hello world.

I launched Tactile with a mission to shape a better future for female leaders. A lofty goal? Yes. A Necessary one? Definitely.

Before I dove headfirst into running an agency, I spent close to a decade in brand marketing and communications across media, tech, and the arts. I led marketing and communications for The New Republic, spent time on brand marketing for the Guardian, led brand for NewsCred, ran an artist program for AOL. This list goes on.

As I grew in my career, I came up against the challenges that so many women face in the workplace. I was typically the only woman and/or only hispanic person in the room. In an effort to process this experience, I started hosting small dinners for women across industries. I tried to become an ally for women in the companies I worked for as much as possible. But after hearing the same story over and over, I decided it was time to take action. 

The "women in the workplace" conversation is happening. Top CEO's are taking notice, and many (male) tech founders are searching for ways to empower female leaders. Having this conversation is great, but as they say the "proof is in the pudding" Women make up 52% of the workforce, but still only make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes for the same job. On average, women account for only 16% of the members of executive teams in the United States. 45% of boards have one or no women. Only 11% of startups in New York are founded by women (a number that is actually celebrated). These gloomy stats don't align with the progressive values many of us share.

I started Tactile to change the ratio in business. Therefore, we are also building a new kind of agency model. One that supports female founders at ALL stages. We have a membership program for very early-stage / resource-strained founders. We have what we call "sessions" which provides agency-level services at an accessible price-point. We host workshops and office hours. And we also have a full-service creative agency for the more established female-led companies.

This is just the beginning, and we have very ambitious plans for what we want to achieve. 

Erika Alpern